From the sports’ archives: 40 years ago

Pigeon racing: IN the race from Dol, France J. Whyte and Hendry timed in at 8.20 a.m. second day, winning approximately seventh position in the Federation. Their second bird (9.30 a.m.) had also a good place. Only other arrival was W. Morrison at 3.30 p.m. Winning No 96.

Cricket: Brechin v HMS Condor.
Brechin recorded victory over HMS Condor in Brechin on Saturday. HMS Condor were 116 for 10 wickets, with Brechin securing 117 for six.

Cricket: Brechin v Glendelvine.
It was a narrow win for Brechin award to Glendelvine on Sunday. Brechin finished with 49 for 10, and Glendelvine were just five runs behind, finishing with 44 for 10.