Hearing tales of Auschwitz concentration camp at Probus

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Chairman Frank Scott launched 2012 at the Brechin Probus Club by producing a double bill of speakers for the members.

Imogen Sherrit from Brechin High School and grand daughter of Sandy Watson spoke of her visit to Auschwitz, the concentration camp of World War 2 infamy.

Her subject was chosen to raise awareness for the next step in their lesson from Auschwitz – a project entitled “Holocaust survivor” which will take place at Brechin High School on March 15.

Imogen’s presentation certainly raised awareness and was warmly appreciated by her audience – Well done Imogen.

Frank then welcomed the return of Steve Nicoll to the Probus.

Steve presented his well researched account of Brechin servicemen involved in World War 2 who made a special contribution far and above the call of duty, and in many cases the ultimate sacrifice being their life.

Some of these brave men were either relatives or were personally known to some of the members which made his talk more poignant, making club members concentrate on why we should continue to remember the contribution made by these courageous Brechiners to keep our country secure.

Also featured at the meeting was a hand painted Christmas card featuring the entrance to Stracathro Hospital built for the war wounded.

This was presented to the workers at the Coventry Gauge and Tool as a token of thanks from the patients who had been wounded in action, in appreciation of the home comforts that the workers at Coventry Gauge and Tool had donated on a regular basis.

David Todd proposed thanks on behalf of the members for a very thought provoking experience presented by the speakers.