High School prefects 1991

February 17, 1972

The beginning of the week brought the first full impact of the fuel emergency. Works, schools, shops, offices and houses, all are affected.

At Denburn Works employees were off on Monday and Tuesday, and after normal working yesterday and today, will be off again on Friday.

Valley Works had also to close down on Monday and Tuesday. After normal working yesterday and today they will be off again on Friday.

Matric Engineering LTD began consultation with works departments as soon as power cuts were announced. It was hoped to provide a working week of 30 hours instead of the normal 40, plus overtime.

Angus Foods Ltd., being a food processing factory, can work when power is available. They had, of course to shut on Tuesday.

February 18, 1982

Edzell Village Improvement Society met to discuss the future of the Inglis Memorial Hall.

One of the points to emerge from their meeting, however, was the estimated expenditure of £14,975 which Angus District Council expects to incur for the hall, could be reduced to about £8000 if administration was in local hands.

This would still mean finding over £6000 in extra revenue to keep the hall going.

February 20, 1992

This year’s offering by Brechin Amateur Operatic Society is everyone’s favourite musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma” considered by many to be the team’s greatest ever, and a box-office success wherever it is produced.

Following early problems finding a Producer and Musical Director the company eventually persuaded John Redmonds and Ron Stewart to take over these duties and they, ably assisted by Helen Burns and Eileen Walker, with Bill Atkinson taking on the arduous task of Dance Director, have proved to be a team which has extracted the maximum effort from an enthusiastic cast.