History of Iona discussed at Rotary

Rotary talk: Pictured is Alan (left) with his son Cameron.
Rotary talk: Pictured is Alan (left) with his son Cameron.

AT LAST week’s Rotary Club meeting member Alan Watt gave a further insight into the World famous Iona Community.

In a previous talk Alan gave a full history of the community from its origins in 563 AD with St Columba, through to 1938 when George McLeod and his 12 followers landed in 1938 to form the 2nd Iona Community.

He said that even as a young member of the Sunday School he dreamt of following in those illustrious footsteps.

Alan, who retired as Minister for Fern and Edzell kirks a few years ago, became a member of the Iona Community over 20 years ago and it holds a special place in his heart.

He explained that the aim of the Community was not to closet itself in a religious retreat but to prepare its members to get back to the mainland with a renewed purpose and zeal for life.

Rotarian Frances Urquhart thanked Alan for a presentation that was delivered with music, pictures and passion.