Illustrated talk given at Aldbar WRI

Aldbar WRI held their annual general meeting on Thursday (May 9) when president Miss I. Findlay thanked everyone for their hard work throughout the year.

Secretary, Mrs C. Allan, and Treasurer, Mrs V. Gouck, then gave their reports.

Mr A. Whyte gave an interesting talk “Farfar Loch an’ roon’ aboot” which was illustrated by many photographs both historical and modern.

Tea Hostesses were Mrs D. Watt and Mrs S. Welsh.

Tellers from Padanaram WRI were thanked for tallying the votes for the new committee whose roles will be agreed at another meeting.

Competition results were as follows: Syme Cup, for most points throughout the year: 1, Miss I. Findlay; 2, Mrs V. Gouck; 3, Mrs I. McLaren. Janet Stewart Trophy for flower of the month: 1, Mrs. I Archibald; 2, Miss I. Findlay; 3, Mrs I. McLaren third.

Knitted toy: 1, Mrs, I McLaren; 2, Mrs I. Archibald. Flower of the month: 1, Miss I. Findlay; 2, Mrs I. McLaren.