Images of decaying iron take the prize

Brechin Photographic Society has introduced a new competition format based on a panel of four images.

Each image was judged on its own merits and the final presentation judged on how the four images relate to each other.

This competition was open to photographers from all categories of experience and competence.

The competition was judged by Ian Sturrock from St Andrews.

Panels submitted showed a wide variation in subject matter from the vibrant colours of still life fruits to macro photography of damsel flies.

The winning images were captured by Bert Fulton, who compiled a collection of decaying iron work in the form of hinges, padlocks and bolts with the judge commenting on the vibrant colours and textures produced due to weathering.

Brechin Photographic Society meets every Tuesday at 7.15 p.m. in the St Andrew’s Hall, Brechin, and new members are made very welcome. For more information, please visit the society’s website at