Looking for old school friends

Pictured is Ann with her daughter Julie
Pictured is Ann with her daughter Julie

An ex-Brechiner is seeking out old friends with the hope of meeting up with them when she returns to Brechin later this month.

Ann Sprunt Tumulka was born on May 8, 1943 in Dundee, living at 10 City Road, Brechin with her mum Alexina Sprunt Tumulka and her father Pawel Piotr Tumulka until about the age of 12, attending Damacre School.

Ann’s daughter, Julie Perry, who is helping her mum locate some of her childhood friends, explained: “During her time at City Road she remembers the Brown family who lived at number 20 - a family who lived in a big house with an orchard and bakers.

“Apparently, according to directory enquiries, there is still a Brown family living there. Could this be the same family?”

Ann and her family then moved to 35 Dundas Park and she changed schools to Brechin High.

During this time she became friends with Doreen Haggart, who had nine brothers, and also a girl called Eileen.

“She also had another friend called Anne Peters.

“Mum did have a cousin called Harry Roberts, who was a bit older than her.

“We don’t know if he and his immediate family are still around.”

On leaving school Ann went to work at The Glenesk Hotel.

“At the age of 16 mum went to London, where she met, who was to become her first husband (a Greek Cypriot).

“She came back to Brechin a short while later to nurse her dying mother, who passed away in 1961.

“Three weeks later Mum married her Greek Cypriot, becoming Ann Sprunt Vafiadis. My brother was then also born in Scotland.

“Soon after that they moved back to West London.”

Ann and Julie will be staying at The Northern Hotel in Clerk Street from the evening of May 15 until the morning of May 19.

It is hoped that anyone who would like to catch up for lost time with Ann could get in touch to arrange a time to meet.

If you would like to get in touch with Ann or Julie e-mail Julie at legsinhayes@hotmail.com