Memorial statue is close to being erected

The creation of a permanent memorial for Robert Watson-Watt is one step closer thanks to donation from the Cookie Matheson Charitable Trust.

“We’re nearly there”, Dr Robert Martin, vice-chairman of the Watson-Watt Society of Brechin, commented as the society received the donation of £6,000.

The statue has already been completed and paid for in full leaving the Society needing to raise funds for the preparation of the site in St Ninian’s Square, the construction of the plinth and the restoration of the ground.

This recent donation takes the bank balance much nearer to the requisite amount.

It is also believed that additional funds will come to the Society as treasurer Mike Holland has recently submitted a claim for the return of VAT paid and it is hoped that several thousand pounds will be awarded to the Society in October.

Mike explained: “We will not know the exact amount of VAT repaid as there is a finite amount available and this is divided among all applicants.

“In other words we will get a proportion of that amount dependent on the number of other claimants.”

Dr Martin added: “Following this award from the Cookie Matheson Charitable Trust, coupled with the reclaimed VAT, the Society will be close to the amount required to have the statue erected in Brechin.

“Unfortunately, we can’t yet be specific about when the statue will be on site but we are certainly nearly there.”

Even when the statue has been erected the society will not stop fund-raising as they plan to create an interactive digital programme based on the work of Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s team during World War II and the subsequent development of radar as we know it today.

It is hoped that programme will be housed in Brechin Public Library or Brechin Town House Museum, although this is still to be discussed with Angus Council.

It is believed that the statue and the interactive programme will prove to be additional attractions in the town.