Memory Lane mystery solved

Down Memory Lane.
Down Memory Lane.

In last week’s edition of the Brechin Advertiser we featured a Down Memory Lane photograph of an unknown theatrical performance.

This mystery has now been solved, thanks to the help of Ross Duff and his daughter Kelly.

Ross and Kelly helped provide us with, not only the name of the group, but also the title of the production and a list of names of those present in the play.

He said: “The company is Opus [Theatre Club] and it was rehearsing Godspell in 1997/98.”

Ross’ daughter Kelly, who features in the photograph, was then able to provide a list of names of those present.

They are, from left, back - Susan Mercer, unknown , Alison Wilson, Laura Baird, Liz Smith, Jane ?: middle - Kelly Duff, Robert Forbes, Lesley Aitken, Gordon Smith, Karen McDonald (?): front - Brian Mathieson, Kenny Christie, Sheena McPherson, Bill Atkinson, Bruce McPherson.

The Opus Theatre is still putting on productions at the City Hall and this year they are hoping to be flying high when they perform Witches Of Eastwick.

Rehearsals are well underway for the show that will take place from September 4 to 7.

If you know the names of those last few reamining unknown people contact us on