Menmuir WRI

President Suzanne Bennett opened the meeting and wished all the members a happy and enjoyable new year with Menmuir WRI.

She then congratulated the Menmuir team of Mary Anderson, Frances Smith, Suzanne Bennett and Sheila McIntosh on winning the Angus final of Matter of Opinion. The Menmuir ladies will now, along with the runners-up team from Kingsmuir, represent Angus at the national final on October 26.

Suzanne then introduced speakers, Bill Petrie and Joanne Brown. They spoke about their personal journey in Discovery Challenge that included making a research into their family history, a test of their physical endurance, helping the community and taking up a new hobby.

Bill demonstrated his wonderful projects in stained glass and Joanne showed her splendid examples of woodcarving. Mary Anderson proposed a vote of thanks.

Competition results: a decorated jam jar - 1, Wilma Warden; 2, Jean Scorgie; 3, Suzanne Bennett. Flower of the month - 1, Joy Spence; 2, Maria Kiddie; 3, Suzanne Bennett.