Nigel Don visits Brechin Forum

Brechin Gold Forum received a visit from Nigel Don MSP at their latest meeting, to help him familiarize himself with the function of its members, such as taking part in formal discussion with the bus companies on local travel, forth coming meetings with the access panel, ramps for pavements to help disabled wheelchair users and future discussions with the national health service representatives on health concerns.

A spokesperson from the Forum said: “It was also noted that a public meeting has been arranged by the Scottish Pensioners Forum and is to take place in the Damacre Centre on August 28 at 2pm to hear speakers discuss the effect of the so called economic crisis and its effect on pensioners poverty, in particular the problem of fuel prices and poverty going up, up, up and up like an untethered helium filled balloon.”

Tea coffee and biscuits will be served at the meeting. More detailed will be published later.