Pensioner and Brechin forum meeting held in Damacre centre

The DAMACRE Learning Centre was buzzing with activity on August 30 when several activities and various groups were busy with their pursuits.

The Scottish Pensioners’ Forum held a public meeting at which the main focus was pensioner rights and welfare. It endeavoured to educate and unite pensioners in order to present a collective voice to government and other authorities on matters affecting retired people, in particular their economic circumstances brought by fuel poverty. John McAllion, former MP and MSP, Nigel Don MSP and Gordon Samson, Dundee secretary for the Scottish Pensioners, were the speakers.

Brechin Gold Forum held its monthly meeting with talks on Angus Time Banks by Carol Torrence. Time Banks is a way for people in local communities to get help and support and impart knowledge and skills to others. Also on the agenda was Elizabeth Montgomery Fox, who explained the working of Angus Independent Advocacy and role of the Independent Advocate and the skills and help available.

A question was raised about the lack of facilities at Stracathro Hospital. It was a shock to those present that such a fine new restaurant was not being fully utilised at the weekends. The forum will try and seek an explanation from the NHS. The next meeting take place at 2pm on September 27 with the bus companies to exchange views on local transports.

In attendance will be Chris Boyle from Angus Council. All are welcome to attend, or you can leave a question at the Damacare Centre for the attention of Mary Dow or telephone 625165.