Probus club appoints new officers

At the Brechin Probus Club’s annual general meeeting, held in the Northern Hotel on Tuesday, April 17, chairman Frank Scott welcomed a large turnout of club members and thanked them all for their attendance.

After dealing with club business he then proceeded to the appointment of the new office bearers for the year 2012/13.

These were as follows:- chairman - Hector Masterton; vice-chairman - Bob Berrie; secretary - Ian T Croll; treasurer - Brian Titmuss; committee members - Jim Hawke, David Hill, Sandy Watson.

Appointment to other offices were filled by Charles B. Simpson - auditor and Iain S Rae - press officer. On retiring from the chair Frank Scott handed over the chain of office to the club’s new chairman Hector Masterton.

The new chairman then spoke briefly on, and displayed, the certificate his father John Masterton received at the Waverley Farm Show, Edinburgh in 1933 for the first prize for the pedigree pigs he had exhibited at the show.

This was followed by a talk from Ned Firth who gave a brief exposition on the Luing Cattle bred on the Inner Herbridean Island.

He then went on to recount on the development of German Naval power prior to the outbreak of the First World War, and the challenge this presented to the British Navy, and to its eventual scuttling at Scapa Flow Orkney on June 21, 1919. After a number of questions directed at both speakers, Frank Scott gave the vote of thanks.