Probus club’s games talk

At THE Brechin Probus Club’s latest meeting which took place, as usual, in the Northern Hotel last Tuesday, chairman Hector Masterton, opened the meeting by intimating that our secretary Ian Croll would be absent and that Frank Scott would perform the secretary’s role for the evening.

Once the chairman had dealt with club business, he went on to introduce the speaker for the morning who was Ian Robb.

In his opening remarks Ian told the company that he is a graduate of Aberdeen University where he obtained a BA degree majoring in Scottish Highland Games.

His talk was entitled ‘The development of the Highland games.’

Details on the introduction of the first Highland Games and eventual involvement of the Scottish Highland Games Association were included in the information Ian imparted.

He recounted a number of accidents at different games and some hilarious incidents involving the throwing of the heavy hammer, and the tossing of the Cabar.

The vote of thanks was given by Charlie Simpson who paid tribute to the speaker for delivering a most absorbing and interesting talk.