Probus Club start autumn session

THE AUTUMN session of Brechin Probus Club commenced at the Northern Hotel last Tuesday when chairman Hector Masterton welcomed back the members and also two new members, Ronald Baird and John Glaister.

The chairman, having dealt with club business, then went on to introduce Steve Nicoll, the speaker for the morning.

Before he began his talk on ‘Local Aircraft Crashes’, Steve drew the members attention to the lectures on a remarkable lady called Christine Hollingworth, which will be held at the Town House Museum at the end of this month.

In beginning his talk, Steve pointed out that the events he would talk about were not all local and this, in some cases, was because of boundary changes since some of these occurred.

During Steve’s talk he highlighted that during World War two flights in eastern Scotland took place from Kinloss, Lossiemouth, Edzell, Montrose and Condor.

Most of the crashes that happened were, he said, inevitable given the geographical and climatic factors, with the mountainous and misty conditions featuring prominently.

One of the incidents mentioned in Steve’s talk was a crash that occurred in Glen Clova involving a Vickers Wellington bomber.

The plane took off from RAF Lossiemouth on August 9, 1942, with a crew of six but only the rear gunner survived.

The crash was caused by the cowling dislodging and smashing into the propellers. Interestingly, the planes’ geodetic lattice frame can still be seen at the crash site.

The rear gunner was treated at Stracathro Hospital for his injuries and never flew again, but he lived until was 91.

In bringing his talk to an end, Steve emphasised that his talk had centred on local events but that during the Second World War many other aircraft came to grief on home soil throughout Great Britain.

David Todd gave the Vote of Thanks, saying that the volume of the questions that had emanated from the floor demonstrated just how interesting Steves’ talk had been.