Ramblers take part in BBC filming

Pictured are scenes from the day's filming
Pictured are scenes from the day's filming

Members from Brechin Ramblers were able to be part of a very memorable day, thanks to an invite from their Dundee counterparts.

Four members of the Brechin Ramblers Group took up an invitation from the BBC, extended by Dundee Ramblers, to take part in a day’s filming on March 6.

The BBC were filming for ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’, with the segment focusing on hypothermia. The emphasis was on recognition of symptoms, prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

A spokesperson for Brechin Ramblers said: “We arrived at Dronly outside Dundee at 9 a.m. to commence filming. Most of the scenes had to be shot several times and involved us walking around the area as we would on our usual rambles.

“The presenter had stayed in Edzell for several years while undertaking her doctor’s training at Dundee University and she was very pleased to be back in the area.

“The camera man has won awards for his excellent work and he went about his work with a quiet confidence. There was also the director who told us what to do, sound man, an additional camera man come sound engineer, as well as two “runners”, who generally helped.

“After the outdoors filming, we moved into an old cart shed which was fitted out with straw bales and lighting equipment.

“This was where we had a question and answer session and were asked to simulate assisting a walker with hypothermia.

“The BBC crew were all very friendly, informative and looked after us well. We did not finish filming until 4.30 p.m., but all agreed that it had given a very enjoyable insight into the filming of a TV series.

“Our days filming will only take up five minutes of the programme which is being broadcast in October.”