Restaurant trip for Rotarians

Pictured are Rotarians at Restaurant 56

Pictured are Rotarians at Restaurant 56

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Brechin Rotary Club had no meeting this week so some of them decided to book into the Dundee and Angus College’s Restaurant 56 for a taste of what goes on there. The restaurant is the Arbroath Campus training restaurant, which aims to provide the students with the best skills and experiences in order to heighten their passion for food, inspire confidence and create a sound foundation for a career in the hospitality industry. From menu planning, sourcing, costing, preparation, cooking and service, the students learn the whole process.

Restaurant 56 served up a selection of mouth-watering dishes from contemporary combinations to traditional favourites being prepared fresh from top quality ingredients. The Rotarians and their guests would certainly recommend it.

Pictured are some of the Rotarians with a fine example of a Beef Wellington.