Rotary Club ask: Who was prisoner number seven?

The story of Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, told by Brian Fussey, was the topic of the lastest meeting of the Brechin Rotary Club.

Brian, an acclaimed speaker from Inverkeilor, looked at the story from a new angle.

A spokesperson for the Rotary Club explained: “The history books tell us it was one of the most bizarre episodes of the war when the deputy leader of the Nazis set off in 1941 from Germany to negotiate with the allies in Britain.

“His precise methods and ultimate aim have always been somewhat enigmatic.

“Brian took a different slant on the story, casting doubts on the actual identification of the man who was caught at Eaglesham all those years ago.

“He revealed an array of facts that suggested that it was not Hess at all.

“Brian’s fascinating presentation induced serious doubts as he skilfully presented discrepancies of the prisoner’s appearance and character, his medicals records, details of the aeroplane he used, analysis of his flight route and range of the aircraft, and all combined with notable government secrecy.

“Brian’s thought provoking presentation left another conundrum: if it wasn’t Hess who was kept as the seventh Nazi war criminal in Spandau prison for 46 years, then who was it and, consequently, what actually happened to Hess himself?”

Rotarian John Cavanagh gave Brian a vote of thanks.