Rotary hear about Dalhousie Day Care

Pictured are Annie and Rotary Club President Steve Collis
Pictured are Annie and Rotary Club President Steve Collis

Members of Brechin Rotary Club received a talk from Annie Baikie, who has been involved greatly with Dalhousie Day Care centre.

Annie attended last week’s meeting, where she spoke about possible developments, some of them a little worrying, in the running of the project set up by the late Dr Cyril Cohen and his wife, Betty, 20 years ago.

Annie’s mother experienced the superb care given there, and Annie decided to put something back and became involved as their secretary.

She outlined just exactly why it has such a good reputation, with a nice mix of clients and carers providing a wide breadth of activities and care.

Everyone feels involved Annie said, and there is none of that just sitting around the edge of the room atmosphere.

Annie added a note of caution when she explained the new system of direct payments to fund centres like these. All the centres in future will have to put in tenders, and the result could mean the end of the road for day care services.

Annie came with a message that, due to work commitments, she is reluctantly relinquishing her post, and they are looking for new board members.

She warned that this would involve work for at least a couple of days a week so it could be time consuming but very rewarding.

Brechin Rotary Club member Paul Roberts gave Annie a vote of thanks for her thought provoking presentation.