Rotary visit Walled Garden at Stracathro

Pictured is Alan
Pictured is Alan

Brechin Rotary Club’s meeting last week saw members pay a visit to the Walled Gardens at Stracathro.

The Garden has been transformed in recent years, and the enthusiastic head gardener, Alan Glennie, outlined what has been happening.

Alan said that, as a result of being walled, the gardens were about two degrees warmer than would normally be expected and he was particularly proud to mention that, as well as the usual apple, strawberries and plums there was also a rather bountiful fig tree that is just coming into fruit.

The Rotarians and their friends were amazed at the size of this hidden gem and the variety of plants growing there.

Stracathro Gardens are located at the rear of the Hospital.

There will be a chance for everyone to go and enjoy tea and cakes at their Open Day, which is on Saturday, July 18, 10 am to 3 pm.

Rotary Club member Steve Dempsey gave Alan a vote of thanks.

Historically, the garden was used to supply most of the meals served to patients at Stracathro Hospital and Brechin Infirmary.