Runner-up award for piper

THE CITY of Brechin Pipe Band was on the road to Pitlochry on Janurary 19 to take part in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band’s annual junior piping and drumming contest in Pitlochry High School.

Members of both bands attended with the following members on prize list:-

Ten year and under: Chanter - 1, Liam Brown, St Cyrus.

12 years and under: Novice piping - 1, Liam Brown, St Cyrus. Drumming on pad - 1, Erinne Black, Brechin. Novice side drumming - 4, Erinne Black.

13 to 18 years: Novice piping - 3, Andrew Young, Laurencekirk.

15 to 18 years: Piobaireachd - 4, Ailis Sutherland, Kirriemuir. MSR - 2, Ailis Sutherland. Jig - 2, Ailis Sutherland.

18 years and under: Side drumming march - 4, Orla Sutherland, Brechin. MSR - 4, Innes McKay, Montrose. Tenor drumming march - 2, Beth Ritchie, Friockeim.

With such success in the 15 to 18 years age group Ailis took home the competition’s overall runner-up award.