Shop’s proceeds provide vital aid

Shelterboxes provide vital life-saving equipment for those in crisis.
Shelterboxes provide vital life-saving equipment for those in crisis.

Forfar Rotary Club is buying humanitarian aid for Iraqi refugees with the proceeds of a ‘pop-up shop’ run during December.

The giving of items for sale and the subsequent retail of the goods netted enough money for the purchase of two Shelterboxes which will be donated to ease the plight of citizens of the city of Mosul in Iraq who are caught up in the continuing war between Iraqi and Islamic State forces.

Whole families are fleeing from the area amid mass destruction which is ripping apart their way of life.

Shelterbox, in partnership with Rotary, is an international relief charity that provides immediate assistance to people affected by disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, flooding, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, or conflict.

With 18 international affiliates, Shelterbox provides shelter, lifesaving equipment and educational materials to hard-hit communities worldwide.

Since its foundation in 2000, Shelterbox has responded to more than 200 natural disasters and humanitarian crises in almost 90 countries, providing vital aid for well over one million people.

A highly trained Shelterbox response team, composed mainly of volunteers, distributes Shelterboxes at the site of a disaster, working closely with local organisations, international aid agencies, and a global network of volunteers. Each ShelterBox, tailored to the particular disaster, typically contains a relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack, and other essential items.

Club president Paula Elvin paid tribute to the hard work of the international committee, commenting that it is good that the local members have played a small but important role in relieving human suffering.