Special visitors at Railway station

Salmon has been at the Caledonian Railway
Salmon has been at the Caledonian Railway

It wasn’t just Santa Claus who was making a very special visit to the Caledonian Railway in Brechin this festive season.

The popular tourist attraction, which organises special train trips with Santa each year, also welcomed a different steam locomotive to the station in the form of Salmon.

Salmon is a Scottish built steam locomotive and was built in 1942. It arrived at the Brechin station from the Milton of Crathes Station, which is part of the Royal Deeside Railway.

Caledonian Railway were loaned the locomotive by the Royal Deeside Railway after an issue with their own steam locomotive.

After a helping hand from Brechin based Hydrus, who made new fire bars for the steam locomotive, Salmon was able to get a fire lit and start the journey from the Brechin station to the Bridge of Dun station, with passengers on board receiving a visit from Father Christmas and his elves during the journey.