Sporting yesteryear

40 years ago

Football: East Stirling 1, Brechin City 2.

City’s win at Firs Park in the second round Scottish Cup replay on Monday was well earned, but it was only a last minute goal by Ronnie Millar which sent them through to the third round.

They meet Aberdeen at Glebe Park. The Dons’ manager, Jimmy Bonthrone, who was a spectator at Monday’s match, was impressed by the Brechin footwork. He thought that they thoroughly deserved their win.

East Stirling put up a determined display which almost necessitated extra time being played but they were not the match of the visitors in teamwork. The City defence took chief honours, with centre-half Milne and Clark outstanding. Donnelly instigated a lot of good moves with Cunningham the live wire in the forward line.

30 years ago

Football: Brechin Renton 1, Brechin Harp 2.

Renton almost got revenge for their cup final defeat but faded in the second half. This was when Harp scored their goals.

Renton scored first, Mike Sangster swung a corner into the goalmouth where Mark Gray put through his own goal.

Harp then constantly bombarded the opposition’s goal but the defence and ‘keeper McIntosh absorbed all the pressure.

In the second half Harp again poured forward and a few times the forwards found themselves clean through but the keeper made brave saves. The equaliser came when Gary Beattie raced clear and finished well.

It wasn’t all Harp though, Renton had their chances too but failed to capitalise.

With only five minutes left, Dean Goodwin ran down the left wing and cut the ball across the goal where Billy Reid hammered the ball under the keeper.

Renton man of the match - Billy Robb.

Harp man of the match - Mike Bayer.

19 years ago

Swimming: Brechin Beavers third team took their winning streak to Cupar last Saturday. They are competing for the coveted David Merilees Trophy which they have won for seven years in succession. They are off to a flying start, leading the field by lengths and winning the first leg of the gala hands down.

The event is staged over the course of a year with the points from three galas adding up to decide the winners at the end of the year.

The Beavers went there with every intention of winning.

The swimmers excelled themselves by beating personal best times in 136 individual cases.