Sporting yesteryear

50 years ago

FOOTBALL: Matrix had a grand 3-1 win over Kirrie Thistle at Kirriemuir on Saturday.

It was the home team’s first league defeat of the season.

The Brechin side now share top position with Kirrie, but Thistle have one game in hand.

Football: Dumbarton took the regular two points off Brechin City in this midweek game but we can add this time that they were distinctly lucky to do so.

Brechin were first to score and set the pace through most of the afternoon, so it was galling to have Dumbarton finish up by walking away with the game.

The City attack played with a new verve but the defence needed steadying up.

Full-time: Dumbarton, 4; Brechin City, 3.

40 years ago

Football: Forfar Athletic and Brechin City were evenly matched in this ding-dong derby at Station Park on Saturday and until a few minutes from the final whistle it looked as if one goal either way would settle it.

Forfar’s defence was shaky but Brechin, though they showed the better team-work and had more tries on goal, could not get in a telling shot.

It was Forfar who got the vital goal when Coburn scored from a penalty.

Full-time: Forfar Athletic, 2; Brechin City, 1.

30 years ago

Football: “One of the best games against a team which were no slouches,” was Brechin City Manager Fleming’s summing up of Saturday’s home game against Albion Rovers, who indeed, had beaten Meadowbank in the middle of the week.

Rovers were first to attack but Wood’s drive was blocked by a packed home defence.

The visitors had a narrow escape when after a free kick by Fleming, Lesslie got to the ball before the keeper, who had to make a quick dive to save.

In City’s first corner Hegarty scraped the bar. In ten minutes City were ahead thanks to a perfectly-placed header by Paterson.

Rovers’ right-back McQueen lost a good chance by shooting much too high.

City’s second goal came brilliantly in 24 minutes.

Mackie found Elvin who slipped the ball to Campbell who only had to roll it home.

Within 30 seconds of the restart City were three up.

Hegarty raced down the wing and passed to Campbell to net.

Full-time: Brechin City, 3; Albion Rovers, 0.