Talk from former Marine instructor for Probus Club

RM Condor.
RM Condor.

Brechin Probus Club enjoyed a talk by a former instructor at 45 Marine Commando at their meeting on Tuesday, February 18.

Colonel Jake Hensman was an instructor at RM Condor, near Arbroath. The Marine base has been home to 45 Commando since 1971.

Colonel Hensman who is a member of the club, gave a talk entitled ‘Conducting Military Operations within the constraints of civil law’.

He explained that, while soldiers were expected to protect themselves and their comrades, there were rules which they had to abide by.

While most of the Colonel’s talk was concerned with happenings in Afghanistan, he stressed that even in a theatre of war, which was not the case in that country, there were still international rules by which the military were supposed to abide.

A lively question and answer session followed.

Ian Dickson thanked Colonel Hensman for a most interesting and thought provoking talk.

The date of the Probus Club’s next meeting is Tuesday, March 4, at 10 a.m. in the Northern Hotel on Clerk Street.

The speaker for this meeting is Sandy Ingram, a retired Procurator Fiscal, who will be delivering a talk entitled ‘Secrets of a long and happy life.’

Mr Ingram is also known for his fiddle playing, and even composed a specially written pipe march entitled ‘The Memorial Gates of Glamis’ in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.