Tracing Brechin roots

A man with Brechin roots is trying to trace members of his family who previously lived in the city and are possibly still in the area.

“I am trying to trace my family history and I understand that some of my relatives, on my father’s side, lived in the Brechin area,” says Ian Humphries, who currently resides in York.

“I was last in Brechin in either the summer of 1954 (the year of my birth) or 1955, visiting my father’s relatives who may have owned or managed a fish and chip shop.

“So far in my search I have traced my relatives back to Angus Stuart (Police Inspector) and Mary Baxter Stuart who lived in the Brechin area.

“Angus and Mary had at least one child also called Mary Stuart who was probably born around 1875 and became Mary McLorinan upon marriage.

“Mary had a daughter (my grandmother) by the name of Esme Jane McLorinan and, after marrying Walter Humphries, gave birth to two children in the early 1930s.

“Their names were Margaret Humphries and Stuart Shepherd Humphries.

“I will be grateful for any information regarding the Stuart family, whether it be in respect of their ancestors or descendants.”

Despite some of the details being slightly vague, Mr Humphries is hopeful a reader’s memory may be jogged and can give him further information in the hunt for his family members. He can be contacted by email: or, by post at: Ian Humphries, 4 Morrell Yard, York YO1 9TW.