Walkers step out to Ferryden

Members of Stepping Out at Scurdie Ness lighthouse
Members of Stepping Out at Scurdie Ness lighthouse

Six members of Brechin’s Stepping Out enjoyed a bright breezy walk through the fishing village of Ferryden on Wednesday (April 1).

During the trip, the group took in Scurdie Ness lighthouse, which stands at 39 meters high and was first lit in 1870. Ferryden got its name from the ancient ferry over the River South Esk. A ferry boat was still in use up to the 1930’s, long after the bridges were built over the river.

Other gems along the walk were the two lighthouses designed by Robert Stevenson. The taller of the two known as ‘High Red’ is still in use. There are also stone towers, Beacons, which help ships approaching the river as to the course to steer. Look out too for the brick gun shelters, pillboxes which housed the guns and the gun emplacements, built by Polish troops and manned by the Polish troops and the Home Guard.

As the group came back into the village, they were drawn to the former Ferryden Village School, which was founded and opened in 1837 by Maria Georgina Ross and independent until 1874. It was one of the first in Scotland taking in children from three years to eight in order to help mothers of large families who had to support their husbands at the fishing.

The group will meet today (Wednesday) for a walk to Edzell, leaving the Damacre Centre at 2 p.m.