When did rail become trail?

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A LOCAL man, having had the opportunity to see a picture this week of the former Brechin to Forfar railway line, has posed the question: “When did the railway line become the nature trail? (writes Steve Mitchell).

John Anderson, has an interest in all forms of transport, although he admits that railways are not high on his list of areas of expertise unlike cycling, motoring and sailing.,

John said: “This picture interested me because it was the first time I had seen a picture of the former Brechin to Forfar railway line outwith either Brechin or Forfar railway stations.

“I am a keen cyclist and sailor, but must admit I have a limited knowledge when it comes to railways.

“I also have a keen interest in local history and living between the two I would like to know when the railway line disappeared and the nature trail in Brechin began to evolve?”

Without coming up with a specific answer for John, we were able to throw some light on when trains stopped travelling along the line.

Passengers services between Brechin and Forfar ceased on August 4, 1952, while freight stopped travelling on the line on March 17, 1958.

From the Forfar South Junction to Brechin, the line was single track, with passing loops at stations at Forfar South Junction (Scottish Midland Junction Railway), Justinhaugh, Tannadice and Careston.

This was a large country station. The station building and platforms still stood for a number of years thereafter, forming part of a scrapyard.

However, as to when the rail lines on the nature trail disappeared, over to our intrepid “Brechiner” readers who are usually spot on when it comes to coming up with the answers!

So, are you able to tell us when did rail turn to trail?