Why not start the new year with yoga?

Some of the Monday class practising the triangle posture
Some of the Monday class practising the triangle posture

Interested in keeping fit or learning a new skill? Then why not start your New year with yoga.

For years yoga has been taught in the Damacre Centre. The current teacher, Jim Fraser who has been teaching yoga since 2000 after being interested in yoga for over thirty years, would like to encourage as many people to join his classes, allowing them to keep fit and stay healthy.

He first practised meditation before taking up physical yoga as part of his martial arts training. In 1992 he devoted his time solely to yoga.

Jim has teaching certificates from Yoga Scotland and the Aberdeen Yoga Centre when it was run by Scotland’s oldest Yoga teacher, Ian Scorgie, who trained many teachers. Jim is currently studying for a teacher’s certificate in Yoga Nidra which is a form of deep relaxation.

As well as teaching in Brechin he teaches Yoga Philosophy for Yoga Scotland and the Balance Yoga Studio Teacher Training Course in Glasgow. He is also a trustee of the Kathy Julius Yoga Trust which promotes the development of Yoga in the North East of Scotland.

Obviously a serious practitioner Jim said: “Yoga is for everybody. yoga develops the body so breathing improves and good breathing relieves stress and promotes health and well-being. Basically you learn to live better with your own body.”

The Damacre Centre currently runs two classes, one on a Monday from 7 pm to 9 pm and one on a Wednesday from 10.30 am to 12 pm.

The Monday class is styled as “Yoga for Fitness” whereas the Wednesday class is more aimed at attracting ladies and gents who may not have done much exercise lately, with a practise designed to eliminate stiffness and develop greater strength and body awareness.

Now is the time to make good on that New Year resolution. For more information contact Jim at 01356 622397.