Winter dominoes league

The winter dominoes league is underway, with Kayleigh Allan and Florence Barclay topping the league after their opening matches.

The full results were as follows:-

Bruce Cuthill 1, Brian James 5; Lynn Wilkie 2, Kayleigh Allan 5; Steven Wilson 3, Mary Kemp 5; Gareth McClure 3, Florence Barclay 5; Lynn Wilkie 0, Steven Wilson 5; Steven Wilson 3, Florence Barclay 5.

The fixtures for tomorrow (Thursday) were as follows:-

Bobby Dunlop v Yvonne Allan; Brian James v Mary Kemp; Bobby Dunlop v Gareth McClure; Bruce Cuthill v Mary Kemp; Kayleigh Allan v Yvonne Allan; Brian James v Florence Barclay; Lynn Wilkie v Gareth McClure; Steven Wilson v Bobby Dunlop.