World War Two plane crash details sought by Edzell man

An Edzell man is seeking information about plane crashes which occurred in Angus during the Second World War.

Derek Forbes contacted the Brechiner explaining that he had a keen interest in planes and especially in plane crash sites across Angus.

“I am interested in World War 2 plane crash sites in the hills around the Angus area.

“I was wondering if there was anyone who visits these sites that may have photographs or information about the sites that they may like to share with me. It would be interesting to hear from them.

“I have been up in the hills years ago and one of the crash sites I saw was still fairly intact.

“I have been up on the Wirren but I am not sure if there was two sites or not.

“According to my map it was the Wirren but all I could find was two bits of aluminium sat on top of the heather and I can only think that they may have been blown across to this site.

“Apparently it was the next hill across I should have gone to so I have been meaning to go back up over the last few years to find out more.

“I have been up on the West Coast to Sheildaig to see a Liberator which crashed, I think, in 1944 with 15 casualties The site was totally fragmented but it is worth going to. It is a fairly steady walk whereas at the Wirren you have to hike.

“There are a lot of plane crash sites up in the hills, with many of them being four miles away, which would be too far to walk but it would still be good to get information and/or photographs from theses sites.

“Apparently there is one at Hillside. There is a bend in the river where a plane is understood to have crashed in the 1930s, with some of the debris still being there

“A man from the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre said that a Hurricane crashed into the Montrose Basin and I am sure he said that the pilot escaped by parachuting out.

“The plane is still probably stuck in the mud. The main part may have corroded away to nothing but the engine of the plane could still be intact.”

Brain said it would be good to be able to go up into the hills with someone else who would maybe know where to go.

“If you do not know where you are going you can walk right past a crash site.

“I have always been interested in planes. I like the sound of them and the style of them. I am facinated by the Second World War. I have been round virtually ever airfield in the east, away up north and along the top.

“There are so many wrecks which are really high up and you hear of stories of people who have found engines from plane crashes which they now keep in their sheds.

“It is good to go to site or areas where there may have been a plane crash and to stop the locals who would have been around during the war and finding out what they remember

“It can be fascinating what you can learn from them and often they will point you in the direction of someone else who may remember more.

“When you speak to people you get to know more of little stories.

“Apparently there was a crash in Edzell. A Whitley Bomber went to take off but could not get enough height and ended up crashing. I would like to find out where this happened.”

Anyone who has any information that they would like to share with Derek can contact him on 01356 647393.