A £5k platform for Caley to build on

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The City of Brechin Civic Trust has announced that, in a response from the Caledonian Railway Company’s Platform Appeal, it is to donate £5,000 towards the cost of replacing essential stonework to the platform at Brechin Railway Station. Following a presentation by Dr. Steve Pegg at the station it was agreed unanimously by the Trust Executive Committee to make the donation.

Trust spokesman Stewart Hill making the announcement remarked: “We recognise that Brechin Station and the railway is part of the built heritage of Brechin and played an immense part in the economic and industrial development of the Ancient City in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“We also believe that it is very important to maintain the Caledonian Railway Company as it continues to make a significant economic contribution to the town as a visitor attraction.”

Caley Railway spokesperson Dr Steve Pegg said they were delighted to receive such a substantial donation from the Civic Trust.

“This winter has obviously been very severe and has had a significant effect on the main platform here at the station.

“The total cost of carrying out the repairs is £14,000 and the Civic Trust are the biggest contributors to that repair bill.

“We have extended the far end of the platform more recently. However, much of the platform dates back to 1848 when the station itself was opened.

“We have applied to various trusts and organisations for funding and we were a wee bit disappointed to be knocked back by the national lottery, who told us we had failed to meet the criteria of ‘not being of public benefit’, which is surprising given the number of people we attract to Brechin every year.

“However, we have carried on with the work of trying to get as much investment in the project as we can and having this local support is great.

“The Civic Trust obviously have recognised the work we do in repairing one of the town’s most important old buildings and one which is still a major tourist attraction to this day.

“George Watson, a local contractor from Brechin, has been appointed to carry out the work and we are hopeful that he can start next week.

“We need to have the works completed by the time we start operating trains, which is early June.”