A clean up at the woodyard

A mammoth clear-up operation by Caernegies has fairly tided up the woodyard adjacent to Andover Primary School.
A mammoth clear-up operation by Caernegies has fairly tided up the woodyard adjacent to Andover Primary School.

A FORMER industrial woodyard, which was subsequently owned by a local firm of crop sprayers and agricultural consultants, has been handed a new lease of life, which may lead, at some point in the future, to future development of some description on the site.

“The Woodyard” adjacent to Andover Primary School has been completely revamped by a team from D. M. Carnegie, who have done a magnificent job in sprucing up the area and have also pledged to keep the weeds at bay in the coming years.

Company spokesman Kevin Carnegie explained: “We wanted to get the area tidied up as it had become a bit of an eyesore,” said Kevin.

“A team from our workforce and a digger went in and completed the job in a week and they have made quite a difference.

“The place used to be tidy and we have been away from there ourselves for years since the fire at the old shed.

“What triggered us to get it tidy was the arrival of two individuals in a caravan who had been spotted by a neighbouring business using part of the land there as a toilet!

“We got them moved on after a month and they left a heap of rubbish.

“And at that point we decided we had to get the place tidied up a great deal better and get itlooking a bit better for Brechin. It wasn’t very good for the town the place looking like that.

“There are a couple of tanks that are situated in the area that will also be moved shortly, to complete a proper tidy up job.

“We plan to spray it a couple of times a year to keep the weeds down.

“The amount of empty tins of lager and empty vodka bottles our workforce came across was incredible. It was, at one time, obviously a popular place with teenagers.

“It had become a bit of a drinking den.

“When the police went up there, they wouldn’t have been able to see anything given the amount of broom and such like that was around the area. We have tidied that all up and burnt it all.”

It is thought that planning permissions may have been considered for the area at one time.

“I would think in the long term this is something we may consider,” added Kevin.

“However, the land is classed as a brown field site and, if we are being brutally honest, we have never been in a hurry to do anything with it.

“We are delighted with the job the lads have done and we hope it improves things for the area, and equally importantly, for Brechin as a whole.”