Advertiser en-route to Corporal Caird

Following last week’s story on Corporal Antony Caird, who has just returned to Afghanistan with the British Army, the Brechin Advertiser staff completed their promise of sending him a copy of last week’s Brechin Advertiser, which includes Antony’s tale.

The former Brechin High School pupil is back serving in Afghanistan with the Black Watch, the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, where he will remain until April.

The Corporal had responded to a story we had initiated on Facebook, asking if any readers had any new year’s resolutions.

Antony’s poignant message: “to make it home”, really put into perspective the new year’s resolutions of others and what we tend to complain about in our daily lives, when in reality, others face much worse.

Messaging us on Facebook this week Antony said: “Thanks for sending the Brechiner out. Still here and things are quiet, unlike my last tour when it was rough.

“I’m now a Corporal and my main job is to operate radios.

“It gets pretty hard here in the way of being away for such a long time.

“I think most of my stories I have I will share when im back.”

Thankfully for British Servicemen, one of the perks of the job is free delivery of mail.

“This will enable us to stay in touch with Antony as much as possible, and the postage of his Brechiner was free.

The Post Office staff were more than happy to help send off Antony’s Brechiner, along with aid packages of pens and paper, which we also sent (see story on page two).