Air Cadet takes to the skies

RAF Leuchars hosted the Air Cadet Summer Camp recently, where cadets were taught how to take off, fly a circuit and land an aircraft on the Flight Simulator at the Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Activity Centre.

Corporal Rachael Hewitt, from 2365 Brechin Squadron, had the opportunity to take part. Rachael has been at Brechin for four months, having previously been at 1104 (Pendle) Squadron for nearly two years. She is currently studying at Angus College.

She said: “This is the first time I have been on a simulator, and it is really great. I would really recommend the module to others. My only previous flying, before this camp, had been in a Vigilant glider whilst I was at Pendle Squadron”.

In addition, she had the opportunity to get airborne for real in one of the grob Tutor aircraft based at 12 AEF.