Ambitious plans for Brechin sports facility

Pictured is the clubhouse
Pictured is the clubhouse

A Brechin sports club is calling on the people of the town to get behind their ambitious plans for a community clubhouse.

Brechin Buccaneers – the local cricket club – is keen to renovate and develop their existing pavilion for use not only by themselves, but by any other organisation that needs premises at one time or another.

A spokesman for the club said they were very keen to gain community support for their plans which, he stressed, were still at an early stage.

Mr Grant Hutcheson, the cricket club’s treasurer, said that currently their old club house was unused, and they were keen to try to develop something there that the whole community could benefit from.

“We would like local organisations that could use the facility to get behind us and support us,” he said.

“We want them to tell us what they need. Whether they are sports clubs or charities or lunch clubs or indeed any kind of organisation that could use the pavilion and grounds not just for sport, but for other things such as coffee mornings, small parties, meetings etcetera we would like them to get in touch,” he added.

Mr Hutcheson said that the cricket club had been working with Angus Council on their plans and to date they have had four or five sketches done but as yet nothing definite had been decided.

He said they hoped to have indoor sports facilities, changing rooms, a gym, a lounge and a small meeting area. He hoped there could also be decking outside.

As for financing the project Mr Hutcheson said that so far they have had informal talks with two or three interested parties but as yet there was no funding package in the pipeline.

“We have done a fair bit of costing, we have met people about business plans. We want this to be sustainable. We don’t want the costs escalating all the time for everyone involved,” he said.

He continued that he hoped the plans could be finalised within the next couple of months and he would like to think that the facility could be completed within a year and be up and running by next summer.