... and still walking

Pictured is Bobby
Pictured is Bobby

Edzell’s famous fund-raising walker, Bobby Campbell, is still on the move, 930 miles into his target of 1,000 miles for Alzheimer’s Scotland.

But Bobby is sometimes asked how long he has been charity-walking, and has sent the Brechiner the above picture, from 1972, taken when he was janitor at Woodhill Primary School, Bishopbriggs.

The caption tells of the walk to the Campsies and back he did with student Nick Scobie (left), in aid of school funds.

By the standards of 43 years ago, £76 was not a bad total at all.

A second walk was planned, in aid of Milton Children’s Home, Bishopbriggs, and this was from the home to Stirling and back.

Back to the modern day, Bobby has so far deposited £1,300 in the bank for the Alzheimer’s charity, and this particular effort will end on Saturday.

A friend of Bobby’s, Ian McDougall, contributed to the total with an abseil at Arbroath Cliffs, and Bobby also raised money for the charity by doing regular sessions on his punching bag.

However, Bobby is already well on his to planning his next fund-raiser.