Angus Alliance Councillor welcomes “way forward”

ONE Of the members of the ruling Angus Council Alliance has said he welcomes the decision by Council leader, Bob Myles, to stage a public meeting allowing locals an insight as to why over £800,000 of Town centre Regeneragtion Cash was lost to the town.

Councillor Jim Millar, who represents Arbroath East and Lunan, said he fully intends to be present at the meeting and that he is also hopeful it won’t develop into a slanging match.

Councillor Millar had previously backed calls for a public meeting and/or a public enquiry, highlighting the fact that it would be a great opportunity for the council to be cleared of any wrong doing.

He said: “I think this is very much the right thing to do and I feel people in Brechin will welcome the move by the leader of the administration.

“I think it is what people want. In my view, the public meeting will have to have a comprehensive briefing by officers that underlines all the different stages the process went through.

“I actually do think a public meeting can deliver that if done correctly. I think the danger is that it is hijacked and becomes partisan.

“I think it needs to be approached in a very non political way. In a way that informs people in Brechin what went wrong, how it went wrong and how we avoid that happening again.

“I see only this week that Aberdeen City Council have had to hand back over £1 million from a different fund, but there are some similarities between the two cases the local authorities were facing.

“I will go along to the meeting and if it’s comprehensive and comprehensive information is provided for the people, then I would be happy with that and that would be the end of it.

“I think that an awful lot hinges on this meeting in as much as it allays Brechiners’ concerns about exactly what happened to their Town Centre Regeneration fund.”