Angus National Trust service awards

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AT THE recent annual general meeting of the Angus Members’ Centre of the National Trust for Scotland, a number of members were presented with Long Service Certificates marking five, 10, 15 and 20 years.

The certificates were presented by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) Chairman Sir Kenneth Calman and Violet Dalton, NTS head of volunteering.

Following the business of the meeting Sir Kenneth gave an interesting talk on ‘What’s Changing at the National Trust for Scotland’.

As chairman of the NTS, Sir Kenneth has a hectic schedule, however, he enjoys travelling to different areas and meeting the membership, as this enables him to appreciate the issues that are uppermost in peoples’ minds.

Sir Kenneth explained that the Trust recognises the importance of volunteers - apart from the skills they bring to the Trust, each year its 3,000 volunteers put in 100,000 hours of their time, which if they were paid the minimum wage would cost £600,000 and, if paid at a rate reflecting their skills, would cost over one million pounds.

One of the relatively recent changes at the NTS has been the move to the new office at Hermiston Quay.

As well as the financial benefits associated with the relocation, the open plan layout of the new office brought people together more and made for better interaction between the different departments.

Also, the reduction in the number of trustees and the downsizing of the management board is proving beneficial and local assemblies have been introduced around the country, where members can meet senior managers and representatives of the Board of Trustees.

After answering some questions, Sir Kenneth was given a small presentation gift and warmly applauded for a lively and informative talk.