Anti-social behaviour on the rise in some youngsters

Anti-social behaviour amongst some young people in Brechin is said to be on the rise, with the problem especially apparent at the Co-op store in Trinity Road.

To help combat the problem Brechin Community Police Officer Billy Rattray is appealing to parents to ensure they take responsibility for their children, to make sure they are not taking part in any anti-social behaviour.

“It has become apparent over the course of the past few months that anti-social behaviour amongst some young people in Brechin is becoming more frequent,” explained Billy.

“One particular location suffering from this is the Co-op store in Trinity Road.

“Historically, shops have been seen by young people as a focal point for meeting and congregating. However, the presence of groups of youths make some others, such as the elderly, feel unsafe.

“When this is coupled with actual anti-social behaviour then this begins to have an impact on the community itself.”

Both staff and customers at the store have suffered from a wide range of verbal abuse and obstruction from youths gathering at the store at all times of the day - children going to school in the morning, during lunchtime, after school or throughout the evening.

This anti-social behaviour has resulted in store management banning some young people from the store as well as instigating restrictions on others from entering the store.

“As a community store, the management have not taken this step lightly. However, they do need the assistance of the public to find a solution to the problem,” continued Billy.

“As community officer for Brechin I am working with the store and with Brechin High School to reduce the effect on the community and will make the parents of those identified as being responsible for such behaviour aware of their conduct.

“In some circumstances the young people may be charged with offences.

“I also have the reasonable expectation that parents will take responsibility for the behaviour of their children when they are away from the home by ensuring their child does not behave in a manner which affects others in the community.

“I appeal to parents to make sure that I do not have to pay you a visit due to your child’s anti-social behaviour at this location or elsewhere.

“Please do not make the assumption that your child is not behaving in this way – take practical steps to make sure they are not.

“Finally I would urge any member of the public who is suffering from anti-social behaviour in the community to contact the police and we will try our best to help resolve the situation.”

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