Appeal: keep track of your dog

A local resident and dog owner is appealing to other dog owners to ensure they know there whereabouts of their dog after witnessing a number of unaccompanied dogs wandering the streets.

James Mackinnon has claimed to have seen several dogs walking aimlessly, looking wet and scared and with no owner in sight over the past two weeks.

“As a dog owner if any of my three went missing I would be scared and worried and wouldn’t rest until they were found again, but some owners don’t seem to have that mentality,” said James.

“Dogs should be looked after at all times and all dog owners should take a little more care when letting them out.

“The kennels for most charities and even with the dog wardens are choc-a-block with lost or unwanted dogs - the saying “a dog isn’t just for Christmas but are for life” springs to mind.

“Owning a dog is a privilege and a way of life not to be used as a fashion accessory or status symbol, and are not to be thrown away when they become unwanted or are a nuisance.

“The amount of dogs that are on the “put to sleep” list due to the fact they can’t be rehomed is sick and shocking.

“So I stress, before getting a dog make sure you can handle having the dog as they are a big part of your life and can live for many happy years.”

If you find a dog running about your street contact Angus Council’s ACCESSLine, during normal working hours, on 08452 777 778 and confirm your details for passing to the Dog Warden. If the Dog Warden can catch the dog they will arrange to have it looked after for seven days in a local kennel. After the seven-day statutory period most dogs are passed to a local charity which looks after the dogs for a further period while actively seeking to re-home them.