Artist’s work shown in tribute

Jack and his daughter Issy at the Angus Open Studios event
Jack and his daughter Issy at the Angus Open Studios event

An artist who started his craft at evening classes in Brechin High School has passed away following a short


Jack Moffat, who was born in 1925 and brought up in Lanarkshire, moved to Friockheim with his family when his father worked for the Ministry of Labour.

Although he initially worked with an accountants in Brechin and the Coventry Gauge and Tool Company, he was encouraged by classes with Robert Hardie Condie, the highly recognised artist and arts master at Brechin High School.

Jack began painting in the 1940s while living in Angus, often painting the local landscape, and went on to study for a Diploma in Art at Dundee Art College. Jack met his wife, Marjory Young, while studying painting and calligraphy at the college, where he impressed his tutor, renowned artist McIntosh Patrick.

Jack produced many scenes of the Dundee of the late 1940’s. He got permission to go onto the roof of the Caird Hall in order to get the views he needed for some of these works. Very little of this old Dundee remains today so these paintings bring back memories of the pre-Tay Bridge and waterfront development days. He gained a distinction at Post Diploma, and thereafter undertook teaching at Kinross Junior Secondary School in 1951.

Jack and Marjory married in October 1953 and they had four children - Lilian, Enid, Isabel and John. In the course of time he became grandpa to 12 grandchildren and great-grandpa to three with another due the day before what would have been Jack’s 90th and Marjory’s 88th birthday.

Over the years of his teaching career, Jack saw the single classroom with few facilities become a whole department dedicated to art and crafts and took the role of principal teacher. The range of skills expanded to include pottery, photography, lapidary and calligraphy. Jack took evening classes at the school and also taught at the local art club.

Jack designed the original shield for the school after consulting the Lord Lyon about its heraldry. The shield is still above the door of the old Kinross High School. He also designed the mosaic which can be seen in the new LochLeven campus. There is an annual art award for good performance in art in their memory, introduced after Marjory’s death in 1991.

Jack was very proud of his large family and how the clan had spread throughout Scotland.

Over the years he produced a large number of paintings, many of which he retained. He also painted a number of commissions and had a joint exhibition in St Pons in France, home of colleague Peter’s wife. He enjoyed the trip and came back with ideas for more paintings.

He also took part in the first Angus Open Studios with daughter, Issy, who said: “We are opening the family home at 14 Emslie Drive, Kinross KY13 8TR, September 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13, from 11 am to 3pm to allow the public to see his paintings and memorabilia gathered in one place for the last time. He was an inspiration and will be sorely missed by all who knew him, in Kinross and beyond.”