Assurances on plans to re-open local slaughterhouse

Angus North and Mearns MSP Nigel Don has received assurances that the plans to re-open the Brechin Slaughterhouse do not include any proposals for meat rendering.

Mr Don has been in touch with both Angus Council and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), who would need to grant any licence for meat rendering, after concerns were raised by constituents over the health implications and malodours.

The concerns were raised in the wake of the news that A. P. Jess and Tulip Bacon had entered a long term contract which will see the Brechin abattoir being used for slaughtering pigs.

The contract has been welcomed by NFU Scotland,

The move will greatly increase the processing capacity for pigs in Scotland to the benefit of both producers and consumers and could see up to 30 jobs being created.

Nigel Don says it is his understanding the council is seeking a written assurance from A. P. Jess that they will not be undertaking any meat rendering at the plant.

“I have also been informed by SEPA that no licence has been applied for and they are not aware of any plans to do so,” he adds.

“I can fully appreciate the concerns many will have given the air quality in the area when the rendering was taking place.

“I am hopeful that once the council have received written confirmation of A. P. Jess’s proposals locals will be reassured that this will not lead to a return to the poor air quality experienced previously.”