Assurances over pig lorry smells in town

At the latest meeting of the City of Brechin and District Community Council, representatives from Quality Pork Limited’s Brechin abattoir were present.

They had been invited by the community council following issues raised with the smell from the lorries transporting pigs through the town.

Jill Scott, from the community council, said: “When the lorries are held up on the streets, the shops fill with the smell and its the same situation with houses throughout the town.

“The smell is just phenomenal.

“If you’re behind the lorries, you can see slurry spilling out from them.”

Council convener Derek Harper added: “There must be regulations around the transport and our concern is - are they up to scratch?”

John Cannon, general manager at the site, assured members that the transportation of the pigs is audited very rigidly.

He said: “I’ve been at the site for eight years, and I know when I started there was a serious issue with smells. We are not doing anything we shouldn’t be doing. We are doing our best to make sure there are no smells.

“There shouldn’t be anything off the back. The smell as the wagons pass is a bit different. For the pigs’ welfare we need to ensure proper ventilation and natural ventilations is the main one we do.

Asked if lorries with slurry should be reported, another representative said: “Note the registration, and the time of when it happens, as it could be down to individual drivers rather than companies.

John also explained that lorries are required to be washed out and sanitised before leaving the site: “They are not allowed to leave the site with out washing the lorries. We have some who checks as part of our due diligence.”

It was also revealed during the meeting that the company is looking at alternative routes for the lorries. John explained: “We need to look at ways to get them stopped coming through Brechin. We are looking at options for the best way to do that.

“We are looking at our own planning for this at the moment. We’ve got to keep people in Brechin happy.”

The site is currently going through an expansion but John assured members that there would be no big changes to the number or lorries coming through Brechin for a year.