Autumn meeting of Presbyterial council

Angus West Presbyterial Council of the Church of Scotland Guild held its Autumn meeting in Forfar East and Old Church on October 30.

Mrs Eleanor Butters, Council Convenor, welcomed all and led the company in devotions. She then introduce the Rev. Kerry Dixon from the charity ‘Signpost International’ which is based in Dundee.

Signpost International is a charity which works with the disadvantaged, helping them to work towards a better future with some help from others but using their own potential. The group were told about the “Dalits” of India, the fifth caste, the outcasts, of Indian society.

Children are helped with education sponsorship; help is given to build better and stronger homes, and in seeking and achieving justice.

Signpost International also works in Dundee and have recently moved from the Hilltown to new premises at Whitfield, where they continue their work of providing food and giving support to those struggling with addictions.

Mrs Muriel Guthrie gave the Vote of Thanks and Mrs Butters closed the meeting.