Be careful of overhead wires or electricity substations this Hallowe’en and bonfire night

With Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations getting underway this weekend and next, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) is warning people not to build bonfires or let off fireworks near overhead wires or electricity substations.

Balloons, Chinese lanterns, fireworks and debris from bonfires are all likely to be released into the skies as the double bill of partying gets underway. But if they touch a power line or land in a high voltage substation, they could cause a Halloween horror all of their own.

“With Bonfire Night nearly upon us, and people now using Halloween as another opportunity to let off fireworks, there is an increased risk of these items coming into contact with electrical equipment,” said Rodney Grubb, head of Operations North.

“With the clocks having gone back, and the sky becoming dark at a very early hour, it is so easy to miss spotting the hazards or to forget they’re there.

“Having fireworks, bonfire debris and flames going anywhere near power lines is a serious risk to safety to everyone. Partygoers could be injured or badly burned if overhead lines are brought down.

“Our advice would be to attend organised events and stay clear of electrical equipment, rather than risk creating fire crackers of your own and ending up in hospital.

“Halloween and Bonfire Night should be events that you look forward to – especially children – let’s keep it that way.”