BEM for Sub Postmistress

Little Brechin resident Marion Henderson was presented with her British Empire Medal by Lord Lieutenant of Angus. Georgiana Osborne. last week.

It was announced in the New Year’s Honours list that Mrs Henderson was to received the BEM in recognition for her services to the Post Office and the community of Brechin.

The presentation took place at the home of Mrs Henderson’s son, and was attended by Mrs Henderson’s family, the Lord Lieutenant and the Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald.

Mrs Henderson, who has previously worked as a dinner lady and cleaner in the local primary school, worked as Sub Postmistress in the Little Brechin Post Office for 49 years, taking up the post in 1964, and retiring in 2013 after suffering a bad fall.

Mrs Henderson was praised as “a trusted and valuable fried to all who visited the Post Office”.

It was also noted that she “would always go above and beyond the call of duty by taking the Post Office services to the elderly customers in the village and outlying areas who were no longer able to make the trip themselves.”

Speaking when it was revealed she was to receive the BEM medal, which she found out in November 2014, Mrs Henderson said: “I was very surprised to say the least. In fact, I went and read it again I was so surprised. I am very pleased the Post Office thought enough of me to put me forward to the award.”