Ben returns from Olympic games trip

Ben MacDonald, from Unthank, has returned from Glasgow after a ten day stint as an Olympic Game maker. Ben described his time working at the Olympics as “amazing”.

He was based largely in the Glasgow Marriott, home to the men’s football teams.

His role involved taking care of request of the teams, which included Japan, Spain, Honduras and Morocco.

One of the stranger request he encountered was an order of 40 pizzas for Spain, after their defeat to Japan.

During his time in Glasgow, Ben was lucky enough to meet players and even get their autographs. He said: “We weren’t meant to ask for autographs but I managed to get my notepad out for some during my time there.”

One of the perks of the role meant that Ben could join the players when they were relaxing. He commented: “Someone brought a Wii and I played against them on Mario Kart.”

Speaking of the role Ben said: “Initially it was going to be a one off but I have been thinking about doing it for the Commonwealth games.”

Asked if he would want to do the same event, he added: “Athletics would be fun- it would be the main event.”

Before returning to Robert Gordon University, for his last year studying Communications with PR, Ben will be back in Glasgow for a wrap party along with his work colleagues from the games.