Blake McMillan Trust receive £350 from youngsters


Brechin City Youth Club (BCYFC) 2001s held their annual fund-raiser in October which this year raised £350 for the Blake McMillan Trust charity.

Each year the club takes part in a sponsored walk and traditionally donate part of the funds raised to a charity.

This year the club members were touched to hear about the Blake McMillan Trust charity.

Blake was born to Jenny and Paul McMillan, from Longforgan on March 21, 2012, and was subsequently diagnosed with MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome.

This is a rare condition, occurring almost exclusively in males, with only around 150 diagnoses worldwide.

Symptoms can include moderate to profound intellectual disability, weakened muscle tone, problems with feeding and failure to thrive, speech that is poor or non-existent, and muscle stiffness.

Severe, uncontrolled epilepsy is also very common with sufferers of this condition.

Developmental motor skills are profoundly delayed, such as sitting and walking, with one third of those diagnosed needing assistance with walking, with the majority needing a wheelchair by adolescence.

Most sufferers have recurrent respiratory tract infections which often lead to pneumonia, sadly a major cause of death, with almost half of those affected succumbing to the illness by the age of 25.

BCYFC 2001s are delighted to have assisted in a worthy cause and presented Jenny with a cheque for £350 at Brechin Leisure Centre on Wednesday.